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Building and Construction

Today, investment in housing and investment in construction in Qatar has attracted the attention of many.

In fact, the relationship between the housing sector and macroeconomic variables cannot be ignored. According to research and reports in the housing sector, about 58% of investments made in Qatar each year, especially in Doha, are related to the housing sector.

In fact, investment in housing is said to account for 8% of gross domestic product in Qatar. About 11% of people work in the housing sector. Some consider investing in the housing sector to be better than investing in the non-residential sector.



The Internet of Things means a global network of related and connected objects, each with its own address and communicating with each other according to standardized contracts.

Today, technology giants and major operators such as Nokia, Huawei, Verizon and Cisco have targeted the management of smart cities.

The IDC estimates that the pioneers will spend about $ 135 billion by 2021 on building smart cities around the world. The Internet of Things saves time in the first place, which in turn leads to energy savings.

The technology can be used in large buildings and complexes for proper use and regulation of energy consumption, in the control of intelligent systems, health and wellness, traffic, agriculture, transportation and so on.

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